Bruder Traktori Kaivuri Jcb 5Cx Eco


Bruder Traktori kaivuri JCB

Bruder 2318 kuormaaja kaivuri 1:16, kauha edessä, kaivinkauha takana JCB 5CX eco

JCB 5CX eko kaivuukone on todellinen moni-lahjakas. Kallistuvan, lukittavan ja vaihdettavan etukuormaajan lisäksi kaivurikuormaajalle on myös varustettu täysin toimiva kauhakaivinkone, jossa on kaksi tukijalkaa ajoneuvon vakauttamiseksi ja joka mahdollistaa kaivuutyön

Size: 41.1 x 17.2 x 25 cm

Ikä: + 4-v 

JCB 5CX eco Backhoe loader


drivers cab:
– swivel driver’s seat

automotive body:
– 2 side doors can be opened
– stabilizer legs of this backhoe extends to the ground
– tilting bucket
– fully functional backhoe loader
– changeable front loader scoop

– Four-wheel steering with silver handle
– off-road front axle
– tread tyres

– fully functional backhoe loader and rear digger that can be locked in position
– changeable backhoe loader scoop

– Recommended age: suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
– manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
– Compatible with figure
– Made by Bruder
– Scale 1:16


The JCB 5CX eco backhoe loader is a true multi-talent. In addition to the tilting, locking and changeable front loader bucket, the backhoe loader is also equipped with a fully functional rear bucket excavator featuring two outriggers to stabilise the vehicle and enable any excavating task. The front loader arm is linked to a one-handed operation mechanism and features a cleverly positioned trigger button. Thanks to the swivelling driver’s seat and the opening rear window, the available BRUDER construction workers can control all the backhoe loader’s functions. Full control of the JCB even after having positioned the construction worker using one of two opening cabin doors thanks to the additional BRUDER drag link, fitted through the roof hatch. Four-wheel steering also ensures a tight turning circle. In addition to tread tyres, the JCB 5CX eco backhoe loader is also equipped with an off-road front axle to safeguard traction on almost any surface. Simply store the additional drag link in the vehicle underbody once the job is done


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